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Tioman Island


The location for the 1950's ELVIS PRESLEY movie hit, South Pacific offers an idylic setting for a quick island retreat and diving adventure.

Tioman island is the ideal getaway and tropical island retreat offering a host of activities ranging from sea sports to jungle trekking. Located off the Pahang State Wildlife authority, Tioman is a protected marine park and offers scuba divers and sea lovers a myriad of marine life to observe.

The island, reef and mini caverns surrounding Tioman provide an active setting for divers to explore and sunken fishing wrecks, also prove to be ideal sanctuaries for groupers, sharks and eels.

For scuba divers, Tioman is the most accessible diving destination from Kuala Lumpur as there are direct flights to Tioman from Subang Airport. Alternatively, driving is a common option and takes 5 hours to get to Mersing, a coastal town where we transfer on to a speedboat to get to Tioman. There are also Tioman liveaboards going there on a frequent basis starting from Singapore.

Tioman and it's surrounding cluster of islands offer good diving spots and is ideal for a short diving getaway. Providing flexibility and variety in accommodation, activities and food, Tioman is hard to beat in terms of value.


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